Katharine Valentino
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC
"Bubbling up in our own good time-- online."

Katharine Valentino worked for 25 years at menial jobs before acquiring a BA degree in journalism—summa
cum laude!—from Indiana University in Bloomington. For the next 20 years, she worked at slightly more
interesting jobs and occasionally was even allowed to write some technical thing or another. Now retired from
full-time work, she stays busy as the owner of
Setting Forth—on a Literary Itinerary (https://settingForth.pub).
She writes creative nonfiction, edits everything from user guides to poetry, and publishes some of the books
she edits.
(Groundwaters 2018: An Anthology)

Website address:  none available

Index of Groundwaters contributions:

Volume 10 Issue 3 - "River" (poetry) - page 11

Groundwaters 2018: An Anthology: "Equality" (non-fiction/cultures and places in the world) - page 64
Groundwaters 2020: An Anthology "The Year of Crises Issue": "To Show I Care" - page 198 (essay)